What is the meaning of the yellow lightsaber?

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What is the meaning of the yellow lightsaber?We see that after burying Luke and Leia's lightsabers, Rey plucks out her own lightsaber: a beautiful golden one. This comes as a big surprise. The choice of blue lightsaber is understandable, even given Rai's lineage, the choice of red lightsaber is not too much, but why choose the yellow lightsaber?

The origin of the yellow lightsaber - Jedi Sentinel

Rai choose the yellow lightsaber is not the first time in the movie. All along, the Jedi sentinels use the yellow lightsaber. The role of the Jedi Sentinel is between the Jedi escort and the Jedi consul, wearing a yellow lightsaber, they need to be equally familiar with diplomatic and combat work.

Also, Sentinels usually have actual skills that are not part of the Force, so they can be powerful trackers, spies, medics, technicians, communicators, etc. They recognize that no matter how powerful the Force is, it cannot solve every problem in the galaxy.

For example, in Star Wars: Resistance and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (both animated, not movies), Sentinels wearing yellow double-bladed lightsabers acted as Jedi Temple guards. What makes these Force-sensitive guards special is that they are morally incorruptible, will not be corrupted, and are willing to spend their lives protecting sites vital to the Galactic Republic, such as the sacred Kolossan Sanctuary.

Yellow represents Rey's future

So what does Rai have in common with Jedi Sentinels and/or Temple Guards and thus have access to a yellow lightsaber?

So far, we already know that Rey Skywalker is the last Jedi. Meanwhile, according to clues in the movie, Finn may also be a Force-sensitive.

Then, we can imagine that, as the only remaining Jedi, Rai will begin to train a new generation of apprentices. Her choice of a yellow lightsaber would indicate that she would achieve the perfect balance between diplomacy and combat skills. Yoda, a former Jedi Master, has repeatedly reminded that while combat skills are very important, diplomacy and the search for peace are equally important.
If the Jedi organization is to strike a balance between physical training and mental training, Rey will need to become a Sentinel. If she wishes to recruit new Padawans to maintain peace and order in the galaxy, she will fire a yellow light into the Khyber crystal and forge her own yellow lightsaber.


Choosing the Light

While other characters in the Star Wars universe have had to work to overcome the dark side of the Force, Rey's experience of choosing the light side has been the most thrilling. Although she has Sith blood running through her veins, it doesn't matter. Although she and Kylo Ren are mutually dualistic, she did not give up everything for him.

The moment Rey chose to adopt the Skywalker surname, it meant that she would choose the Light for life and guard all that it represents, just as a true Sentinel would. At the same time, Rae is also a practical person who knows how to pilot a ship and knows how to repair machinery.


As the last Jedi, Rae has a great responsibility. Fortunately, she now has a yellow lightsaber to protect her. While Rae is loyal to Skywalker, she also wants to have her own identity, another characteristic of yellow lightsaber users: they have their own beliefs, and they serve the Empire out of the goodness of their hearts, not out of impulse.

I look forward to seeing Rai again soon with a yellow lightsaber in her hand!


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