Dnf sword clan can take the lightsaber, if you can, send a picture

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Dnf sword clan can take the lightsaber, if you can, send a picture.Dnf sword clan can not take the lightsaber, can hold weapons are: giant sword, tai sword, blunt weapon, short sword.Dnf can take lightsaber occupation respectively: sword spirit, dark samurai, wandering samurai.

Dnf Swordsman career characteristics are as follows.

1 [type]: physical percentage based damage

2 [positioning]: output

3 [proficient defense]: light armor

4 [proficient weapon]: short sword, blunt weapon, tai sword, giant sword

5 [range]: melee, in close range, moderate range, multi-stage rapid attack

6 [Advantages]:

① there are four schools, with the version of the choice of strong schools to avoid a weak period of school

② comes with four attribute variation and gorgeous special effects and attribute attack, no need to enchant attribute attack pearl and crystal contract to choose colorless plus physical attack or gold plus anti-magic and weapon enchant physical attack pearl enhance

③ can interrupt most of the skills at will, there is flexibility, the critical moment to put the wrong skills can immediately interrupt to redeem or even save lives.

④ new imperial swordsmanship benefit from the magic of the war without dual shoulder armor to enhance the effect of 3 times the basic attack, play too knife with this shoulder can be a certain degree of reverse fate

⑤ buff plus blast rate, into the map full 100 blast rate easy without enchanting plus blast rate beads and choose to enchant the physical attack beads to enhance

⑥short sword special effects gorgeous, blunt output environment is good, high attack frequency, fast cooling, sustained output ability, both schools are more pro-people, otherworldly 9 basic once and for all without bothering to change equipment
The status outlook]: strengthen more satisfied with the basic out of the sewer, giant too no epic forming still slag (except for the top technology emperor operation ho interpersonal relationship good), look forward to the giant sword tai knife of otherworldly equipment revisions, look forward to the second sense of a complete turnaround.


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