Lightsaber Review: Luminosity is an important indicator for lightsabers

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Lightsaber Review: Luminosity is an important indicator for lightsabers.

A. Photometric evaluation.
1. Comparison of the brightness of each light saber should be selected for the same color, different colors because of different wavelengths there is no way to luminosity comparison.
2. The same lighting environment shooting.
3. The same shooting equipment and the same shooting parameters.
Green light

Green light luminosity evaluation summary.
1. The highest overall brightness is VV.
VV's sunburst configuration + their own fluorescent blade, brightness explosion. Eye-sight has a blinding sensation. And as a light saber uniformity is also very high, only about 1/3 or so of the area slightly dark. The strongest in the industry.
2. followed by HOSON thigh
Brightness is actually about the same as VV as far as visualization is concerned. Pan said that the LED beads used are brighter than Taiwan's Marco Duo lamp beads. Do not know if it is. But the brightness is indeed very high. Eye-blinding. Because of the light bar so the whole sword brightness uniform, but the visual slightly dark spot.
3. Again, it is 89 Obi-Wan
89 +89 own fluorescent blade. Brightness and the first two should belong to the same level, but the sword blade attenuation is relatively large, to the end of the beginning of the dark.
4. Yida electric
General brightness, visual inspection is actually passable. But very uniform, 0 dark spots.
5. UW Qui-Gon
With the UW's own fluorescent blade. Brightness has been changed to the maximum by modifying the configuration parameters, but still on the low side. Slightly lower than Yida or the same level as Yida. Uniformity is typical of the light saber, the bottom bright head is not bright.
6. T-39A SK
Low brightness and very uneven.
Blue light

Blue light, light saber without the fluorescent edge of the bonus rely on their own brightness.My VV because only the fluorescent blade without the white blade, so the white blade with 89. Not particularly matched. If the effect should be better with VV's own white blade. 89 with its own blade, the effect is good, and can be similar to VV. The brightness of Yida's blue sword is slightly lower than the first two, but it's very even. 39's SK is consistently dark and uneven.

VV was changed by the last sword owner can be three lights together, two blue and one white, at this time the brightness explosion as follows.

Red light

Red light thigh HOSON brightness exploded the other two. Eye-blinding. But slightly dark spot common problem. The same light bar sword if you can improve to 0 dark spots like Yida electric that will be very good. Yanqing in the hand feel and toys are not very different. The brightness is low. 39's consistent brightness is super low.
Fluorescent blade.At present the domestic do fluorescent blade UW and 89. Yida's fluorescent blade I do not have in hand, and at present there is no external retail. I use the same sword to test three different fluorescent blade, and then change the sword and come back, in summary, the blade is not absolutely good or bad, just the edge with their own sword will be more suitable. For example, the VV blade is very transparent on the VV's own sword, but the effect is general on the 89.


89 blade is not as good as the other way around on the VV. Only on their own hilt is the most compatible. The reason for this is estimated to be that each family's fluorescent blade testing and fine-tuning is to their own sword as a blueprint to adjust to the best. So change other swords may not be good. Overall or VV's edge of the reflective light guide through a little better. The second is 89. 89 said their fluorescent blade has VV's 80% or 90%, I agree. uw's blade compared to the first two is still a couple of percent worse than the gap is not obvious.Click to expand and see the full picture:

The color temperature of VV is white, and the edge is more transparent. 89 is greener.


Sound effects.
VV DA: sound effects are as loud as a cow, and the square dance mom's speaker is similar, can reach a very loud level. Sensitive trigger.
HOSON lap Red Lord: louder, not particularly sensitive. No mute.
89 Obi-Wan: relatively loud, no mute. Sound effects only two sets, more sensitive.
Yida electric turn sword king: louder, the trigger is not sensitive and delayed, feel awkward. With mute
Yanqing Silent version
T-39 A STAR KILLER: Loud, more sensitive. No mute
UW Qui-Gon 1.1: very small volume, change parameters also useless. Sensitive trigger. No mute
Overall rating.

Industry benchmark. Not considering the price, all the qualities including car work, modifiable configuration, brightness, sound, volume, range are the strongest in the industry without one. But the price is there, about three to four times the domestic sword, and the booking time is very long. Time and money are the most valuable things in this society. Take these two things to exchange VV whether it is worth the opinion of the people. I hope that the domestic lightsabers do better and better, for the benefit of the majority of Star Wars fans.


I think the quality of the domestic triumvirate inside 89 is the best. The brightness is very high. Brightness and fluorescent blade development can reach VV eighty to ninety percent, fine workmanship. Of course, the price is slightly higher in the Big Three, a penny a penny. But customer service and management is a big problem.


Ordered the Obi-Wan, after delivery: the first time only sent over the blade without the hilt, ask the boss said the hilt wrongly sent to others; the second time to send over the hilt and I added a sword blade, only to find that Obi-Wan need a special blade, the first two sent over the blade is not available. And the hilt was also sent a black head hilt, not the original silver head, I do not know which customer special. The third time to send me a replacement blade, I said the blade does not contain the battery to send a SF air to pay it, about the model shooting, afraid to come, the first two consumed almost half a month. The boss said yes the result of the day or sent a land transport.
I also have their own Taobao store, sometimes busy to send the wrong goods once or twice is understandable, but to send the wrong three or four times in a row, it is also very difficult. Management is very problematic, or simply no management. Busy can hire people, not just focus on quality lost service. I hope 89 do better and better.


UW Ultimate Manufacturing
UW reputation, I have also seen the boss NO total review post, very professional and material. But the arrival of the Qui-Gon 1.1 is far from imagination. Turning triumvirate everyone is almost not to say. I am most concerned about the brightness. The brightness on the individual play with little feeling, a comparison is very obvious. Said the three lights and VV the same configuration, but compared with VV, 89 are far worse. The sound is very small. Not too much like.


Service and 89 is also similar, said next week to send, the results next week and next week, next week and next week, finally said today can send the results on a false single number to drag a day or two to collect. It feels like the shipping time customer service is casual nonsense to fool buyers. I often booked statues and 12-inch, reported to the scheduled customer pickup time, if not sure do not report randomly. Can be reported later or report an interval value, these are the things that play under the mouth and do not have to spend money, bias to make so ugly. Worth improving.


39 has always been known for its cost effectiveness. e sword cost effectiveness is very high. star killer is also. More than one thousand, there are color changing and crystal internal structure with a wide range of features, sound effects can be, with magnetic charging, is indeed a good deal. The best value for money. But I personally still value the brightness the most. I hope 39 in this regard more efforts.


HOSON:People called thigh sword. Pan always break people's legs of the big name broadcast in the world. Seen a lot of negative news, what customer service to break the legs of the guests ah, the hilt with 502 sticky ah, the chip a play on the burn ah and so on. I was lucky, right one did not encounter. Boss attitude is very good. The hilt is not 502, but also very playable. I bought two thighs, because I just like his brightness. Currently the brightest domestic sword is not one.


Regardless of playing light or light bar not light bar, I just want a super bright sword. But there are some obvious flaws. The first is too expensive. Red Lord such a sword sold 800 feel too low cost performance, if you do 400-600 is certainly a pop. The second is a visual dark spot, although the brightness of the explosion of Yida electricity, but Yida is 0 dark spot is very uniform, this hope to develop a little. I hope to achieve the level of Yida, personal feeling and the use of 7/8 blade related, the use of 1 inch blade should be better.
Yida electric:Cost-effective sword very high. More than one hundred two hundred, very good. Turning sword king this name deserves, very suitable for practice turning sword. If you can improve the brightness better.

Yanqing:Only bought a silent version, there is not much to say. But entry-level I personally tend to choose Yida electric.


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